Fred Mawanda – Il suo pensiero

“Empowerment for me means enabling people to be able using what they have and support them towards self-determination towards a future they aspire and hope for.

For the last years it is what SHM is doing with the Holy Trinity Community to create a socio-economic development model that will be replicated for individuals, families, communities in Uganda.
The phase one of chicken project has taken root and training us in many aspects of a family size enterprise that will help improve nutrition and increase incomes and the general welfare of livelihoods. At the community level we have room to expand (scaling up) this at the “Promised Land” to have economies of scale.

We look forward also at the phase of individual families picking up the lessons and using lessons learnt to improve their own livelihoods.

Key also at the next stage is phased development of the 63 acres of the promised land to full scale. We are in the process of developing systems, structure and a strategy as we select and train and empower managers of the different aspects of the “social enterprise”, in Africa this does not come easily but we are passionate, with a clear vision and determined to succeed in this, of course this can only happen with the support of technical people in Italy, the seed capital and appropriate technological transfers.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and partners in SHM for the support and sacrifice over the last years, when the history of the Holy Trinity Community and SHM will be referred to as a pioneer in the socio-economic transformation of the community in Uganda and ripples of this are already going out to different parts of Africa.

Recently, Fr. Paul Tigere from Zimbabwe spent a month with us to study what we are doing and how to replicate it back in his home country, next year a Parish priest from Tanzania has already booked to visit us for a month also on the same mission.”